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Discovering the professions at Manumesure: this week, spotlight on Florence Deterpigny

Florence DETERPIGNY – Administrative Supervisor, Manumesure agency in Reux (Normandy) 

  • What are your main tasks?

-An organizational and managerial dimension

One of my main jobs involves managing the secretariat of the agency at Reux in Normandy, which comprises 4 secretaries, 1 warehouse technician and 3 repair technicians, thus explaining the managerial dimension.

I am involved in certain recruitments and training the new secretaries engaged by Manumesure agencies, mainly in Reux and the North region.

I contribute to the discussions on organization of the Manumesure Agency secretariats in the North region, which means travelling.

-An administrative dimension

My responsibilities also include management of the invoicing and co-ordination of the different lead times requested by the various customers (Manumesure agencies and external France and Export customers) with the les agencies' different departments/laboratories.

I am also involved in preparing dossiers with EU and non-EU export customers for importation of their equipment for Manumesure and management of the payments.


  • Do you work with other departments and external partners?

Yes I do, and that's what makes my job interesting. I have frequent contact with Chauvin Arnoux's management, production/manufacturing, industrialization, quality and R&D departments, as well as Chauvin Arnoux Export's administrative services in Reux and Asnières.

I am also in contact with Chauvin Arnoux's Customer Relations Contacts (CRCs) for France and Export sales to help with the tariffs, feasibility requests and lead-time requests for customer orders.

I work every day with the agency manager and the technicians at the Reux agency, and I occasionally work with the manager of the North region , as well as the other agencies in France and the Sales Engineers.

Inside the Chauvin Arnoux Group, I have contact with all the subsidiaries, as well as our EU and non-EU Export customers.

  • What do you like most at Manumesure?

I like the diversity of our activities and our determination to grow while maintaining close managerial relations.