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Producer of pH-certified Reference Materials

Manumesure's reference materials production laboratory is accredited for the production of a range of calibration solutions with pH values of 4.005 ± 0.008, 6.865 ± 0.013 and 9.180 ± 0.050 which are traceable to the national reference standards.

Our Expertise

The COFRAC accreditation of Manumesure's production laboratory ensures that you use reliable, traceable buffer solutions.

Manumesure's reference materials certificate is the only certificate for pH reference solutions recognized by a European accreditation organization. It guarantees a specified characteristic value and uncertainty for pH-meter calibration.

If you calibrate your pH-meter with Manumesure's buffer solutions, your pH measurements are linked to the primary reference standards of the French National Metrology and Test Laboratory (Laboratoire National de métrologie et d'Essais (LNE)).

Single-use pH buffer solution flasks


Manumesure's pH buffer solutions, produced under accreditation, are conditioned in membrane-sealed 25 mL flasks with a wide opening for direct use in the flask.

The quality of the buffer solution is preserved, without any risk of contamination and calibration can be performed quickly; without using additional glassware.

Before opening, the metrological quality of the buffer solution is guaranteed for 12 to 24 months. The method for assessing how long Manumesure's reference standards remain stable has been accredited by COFRAC.


The COFRAC accreditation of our production laboratory

Our accreditation as a producer of reference materials certifies the recognition of all our expertise as a producer.

 Accreditation no. 1-5650 - scope available at

For further information, please read the Manumesure FAQ section: "Why have an accreditation for producers of reference materials?"