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Noise measurement

Noise-level measurements on the property lines of industrial sites

Manumesure performs regulatory noise-level tests on installations classified as environmentally sensitive.

These measurements are intended to check the noise levels on the property lines of industrial sites (excluding buildings) and in regulated noise emergence areas.
Two French decrees (dated 20/08/85 and 23/01/97) provide the reference in terms of regulations.


The measurements are performed with Class-1 sound-level meters, in compliance with the NF S 31-010 standard concerning “Characterization and measurement of environmental noise”.

  • Acquisition of the noise levels is performed during a period representative of the company's normal operations (minimum 30 minutes) and requires suitable climatic conditions (no heavy rain or high winds).
  • The admissible noise levels on the site's property lines are tested at the locations specified by the regulations. If this is not possible, the measurement locations are determined according to the respective positions of the installation and the regulated noise emergence areas, so that the potential effect of the installation's noise emissions on inhabited areas can be assessed representatively.


At the end of the measurement campaign, a report will be drawn up presenting the methodology, the measurement results (admissible levels on property lines, noise emergence, noticeable tones) and compliance with the regulations.

Quick response all over France

With its network of technical centres covering the whole of France, Manumesure is capable of responding quickly to any requests.

Each centre includes technicians qualified for noise measurements and high-performance equipment.