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News from Manumesure

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16 February 2023

Meet our teams at the CIM international metrology congress from March 7th to 10th, 2023, in Lyon (France)

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16 December 2022

Manumesure renews its membership of the French College of Metrology (CFM) for 2023!

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08 December 2022

Ask for a quotation with just a few clicks on the Manumesure website

Regulatory environmental testing / Verification & calibration in the laboratory or on site
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26 November 2022

Winter is coming! Check and calibrate your climatic instruments with Manumesure.

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24 October 2022

Measurement Days on October 6th in Lyon, France: Success of the conference and workshops led by Manumesure, the expert in pH-metry!

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15 September 2022

MANUMESURE will be present at Mesures Solutions Expo in Lyon on 5th & 6th October 2022

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