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Infrared thermography

Manumesure performs safety inspections using infrared thermography.

Our expertise

MANUMESURE's operators are certified by the CNPP (French national centre for prevention and protection), as per APSAD* reference document D19, for the inspection of electrical installations by infrared thermography.

(*) French plenary assembly of damage insurance companies

Purpose of inspections using infrared thermography

Infrared thermography is a no-contact inspection technique used in a wide variety of sectors: electricity, mechanics, metallurgy, construction, etc.
This technique is used for preventive maintenance, as well as in production and R&D.
Applications in the electrical sector: viewing load unbalances, searching for abnormal hot spots, detecting bad connections in electrical cabinets which may cause a fire or service interruption, etc.


The electrical installation inspections performed by MANUMESURE operators comply with technical document D19 published by the CNPP ( French national centre for prevention and protection)


This service is finalized by a Q19 report and a document detailing corrective recommendations for the anomalies detected.