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Electrical inspections

Manumesure performs periodic verification of electrical installations and equipment.

Our expertise

Manumesure is COFRAC-accredited for "Inspection" of permanent electrical installations in workplaces.
Accreditation no. 3-145
Scope available at

Manumesure also has "Insurance" approval from the CNPP (French national centre for prevention and protection) as per reference document Y18.
Approval no. 146/18.
This "verification of electrical installations with regard to fire hazards" is finalized by a Q18 report.

Objective of electrical inspections

The purpose of these periodic regulatory* verifications is to provide information on the ongoing safety level of electrical equipment or installations in order to protect people against the hazards of electric currents.

* French decree no. 2010-1016 of 30/08/2010, completed by the order dated 26/11/2011.


Examination of the documents
Checking of the technical file which should contain the plans of the premises, the single-line diagrams of the installation, the list of the safety installations, etc.
Specifications of the existing installations, general conditions of use, suitability of the equipment, identification of the circuits, etc.
Protection against risks of direct contact, insulation, separation, etc.
Protection against risks of indirect contact
Protection against burns, fire hazards and explosion.
Correct operation of emergency cut-off devices, safety lighting or RCDs (residual current devices).
Insulation of the installations, earth electrode and equipotential bonding.