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Services in our laboratories or on our customers' sites, in France and internationally.
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Management of fleets of measuring instruments

Manumesure provides computerized management and maintenance of your fleet of measuring instruments, in accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements, whatever the type and brand of instrumentation.

Verification and calibration of measuring instruments

Manumesure offers you a unique partnership to verify and calibrate your fleet of measuring instruments.
Two types of documents are provided, depending on your requirements:
- "FDX 07.011" verification certificate
- "FDX 07.012" calibration certificate

COFRAC calibration in laboratories

Manumesure possesses COFRAC-accredited "Calibration" laboratories for the following quantities: Electricity & Magnetism, Time & Frequency, Dimensions, Temperature, Pressure and Micropipettes.

The scope of each accreditation is described at

Temperature mapping of furnaces, ovens, etc.

MANUMESURE has COFRAC “Tests” accreditation for temperature mapping from -80 to +400 °C, accreditation no. 1.1623
Scope available at

Verification of electrical installations

Manumesure has COFRAC "Inspection” accreditation for verification of permanent electrical installations in workplaces (accreditation no. 3-145).
Scope available at

Manumesure is also approved for "Insurance by the CNPP (French national centre for prevention and protection), as per reference document Y18. Certification no. 146/18.

Safety inspection with infrared thermography

Manumesure offers inspection services using infrared thermography: display of load unbalance, detection of abnormal hot spots or bad connections in an electrical cabinet, etc.

MANUMESURE's operators are "APSAD"-certified by CNPP (French national centre for prevention and protection), as per reference document D19.

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