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Calibration & Verification

It the laboratory or on site, in France and internationally.

Manumesure offers a unique partnership to verify and calibrate your fleet of measuring instruments.
These services are proviced in our technical centres or on your site.

Two types of documents are issued, depending on your requirements:

- "FDX 07.011" verification certificate
- "FDX 07.012" calibration certificate

All our measurements have guaranteed metrological traceability to the national standards. These metrological verifications and calibrations can be performed for a large number of different measurement quantities.

The instrument families covered are listed below:

  • Electricity: multimeters, megohmmeters, calibrators, loggers, wattmeters, power supplies, current clamps, etc.
  • Low frequency: oscilloscopes, frequency meters, meters, function generators, fieldmeters, spectrum analysers, wattmeters, etc.
  • High frequency: spectrum analysers, probes, amplifiers, attenuators, loads, radio test benches, filters, SWR meters, scalar analysers, frequency meters, wattmeters, etc.
  • Telecom & IT: LAN testers (categories 4, 5, 6 and 6A), ADSL testers…
  • Climatics: thermometers, hygrometers, anemometers, calibrators, Pitot tubes, gas flowmeters, collection systems, leak detectors, combustion analysers, etc.
  • Dimensions: shims, pins, vernier callipers, micrometers, vee blocks, measuring columns, comparators, 3D systems, gauges, etc.
  • Force: force sensors, torque wrenches, crimping tools, etc.
  • Weighing: weighing machines, weights, etc.
  • Pressure: manometers, pressure sensors, calibrators, etc.
  • Physics & chemistry: pH-meters, conductivity meters, luxmeters, pyranometers, tachometers, etc.