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Services for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics industry.
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Laboratory equipment: verification and calibration

MANUMESURE provides metrological verification and periodic qualification of equipment in medical analysis laboratories, hospital laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and the cosmetic industry.

Verification: CO2, incubators, freezers, hygrometric sensors, conductivitymeters, pH-meters, etc.
Qualification: thermocyclers
Temperature mapping on site: climatic chambers, ovens, freezers, refrigeration chambers, incubators, etc.
COFRAC Tests accreditation no. 1-1623.
Scope available at

COFRAC calibration : temperature sensors on site, pressure sensors, micropipette volumes, centrifuge rotation speeds.
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ECME (inspection, measurement and test equipment): verification and calibration on site

MANUMESURE provides metrological verification and periodic qualification of biomedical testers and inspection, measurement and test equipment (ECME) used in hospitals, clinics, etc.

Measuring instruments: conductivity meters, gas flowmeters, ergometers, luxmeters, luminance meters, manometers, dimensional measurements, multimeters, thermometers, etc.

Simulators: PNI, SPO2, ECG, etc.
Biomedical testers: for cardiotocographs, infusion machines, incubators, scalpels, defibrillators, respirators, electrical safety, etc.

Management of your fleet of measuring instruments

MANUMESURE provides computerized management and maintenance of your fleet of measuring instruments, whatever their type and brand.

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