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MANUMESURE, the specialist in air, noise and water measurements
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Our expertise

MANUMESURE offers its know-how to quantify industries' impact on the environment.

Controlling their environmental impacts has become a major issue for industrial companies in order to reduce their ecological footprint, their energy consumption and their consumption of raw materials, while also improving their competitiveness.
MANUMESURE has been developing its expertise in environmental measurements concerning air, noise and water (waste water, rain water and underground water) for nearly 25 years.

Measurement of air quality

MANUMESURE works on site to test atmospheric emissions, with COFRAC Tests accreditation.

  •  Measurement of gases: O2, CO2, CO, NOx, COV, CH4, etc.
  •  Measurement of dust, PM10 & PM 2.5, etc.
  •  Measurement of metals, HF, HCl, SO, NH3, N2O, etc.
  •  Measurement of PCDD & PCDF, PAHs, etc.

MANUMESURE also provides verification of the "QAL2 and AST" measurement lines with COFRAC Tests accreditation.

In addition, MANUMESURE performs measurements of diffuse atmospheric deposition around sites.
Dust, dioxin, VOCs, benzene or any other molecule on request.

Measurement of noise levels

Manumesure performs regulatory noise-level testing on environmentally-sensitive installations.

The impact of the noise generated by an industry may disturb the neighbourhood and lead to conflict. Noise-level assessment is a regulatory requirement for environmentally-sensitive installations in France and in many other countries.
The regulations impose measurements at the property lines of sites and in regulated emergence zones (near housing).

Measurement of water quality

MANUMESURE performs on-site sampling in order to analyse water quality (waste water, rain water and underground water).  
Water is an essential natural resource for living creatures and for human and economic activities, so it must be protected.
The regulations oblige industrial companies to monitor the quality of their water.

Watch the video on "Environmental Services" (in French)