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News France

18 May 2018

Manumesure extension of its COFRAC accreditation no. 2-1310* *On-site calibration of instruments with variable dimensions

27 Mar 2018

An anniversary based around the themes of innovation, digital applications and international business. 125 years of innovation, from the first Universal Tester, ancestor of the multimeter, in 1927, to the very latest Scopix IV oscilloscopes launched at the end of last year. 125 years of design in our 6 R&D centres. .

10 Feb 2018

We fulfil the criteria of the French Quality Decree of 30th June 2015 and can therefore be "referenced" by professional training funding bodies.

17 Jun 2016

-Initial and periodic verification of electrical installations in the workplace and in Category 5 public buildings -CONSUEL verification before power-up in premises subject to specific regulations

13 May 2016

Certifications for a wide range of activities: atmospheric emission tests, repairs, claibration and verification of measuring instruments, etc.