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This page presents all the MANUMESURE documents available (in French only).

Presentation of the company :::
MANUMESURE's core business involves repair, verification and calibration services for all brands of professional measurement instruments, in the laboratory or on site. MANUMESURE is the offical After-Sales Service for the complete range of brands and products from the CHAUVIN ARNOUX Group.
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FR versions available
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FR versions available
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Verification and calibration :::
The ISO 9000 quality standards oblige industrial companies to manage all their measure, test and verification equipment. Metrological verification is obviously an essential part of this. Whatever the brand, MANUMESURE carries out regular checks and ensures traceability in relation to the national standards.
  Download (372KB PDF - French only) >>
COFRAC calibration :::
COFRAC accreditations are a guarantee of quality for a service provider specialized in measurement. Whatever the brand, MANUMESURE can provide its customers with COFRAC calibration certificates and COFRAC test reports.
  Download (389kB PDF - French only) >>

Furnace mapping :::
MANUMESURE, the temperature metrology specialist, can map the temperatures in your climatic chambers, furnaces and ovens, from -80°C to +500°C.
  Download (382kB PDF - French only) >>
Safety inspections :::
To ensure the safety of people and property, MANUMESURE carries out regular inspections on electrical installations in compliance with the applicable regulations.
  Download (380kB PDF - French only) >>
Infrared thermography :::
MANUMESURE proposes inspections using infrared thermography tailored to suit your requirements.
  Download (339kB PDF - French only) >>

Training :::
MANUMESURE is a certified training organization which proposes training in quality and metrology in various fields, including temperature, electricity and pressure. MANUMESURE also carries out autidts of production facilities according to the ISO standards.
  Download (357kB PDF - French only) >>